Precision Laser Welding

Summit Weld offers experience and expertise in laser welding for a variety of applications and end users.  Laser welding, as opposed to traditional arc welding, provides more precision with limited distortion.  Laser welds can also be more tightly controlled permitting highly accurate welds in small areas.  These characteristics often make laser welding a superior choice to more traditional welding.

Summit Weld have experience laser welding aluminum, stainless steel, tool steel, beryllium copper, titanium, and bronze materials.  We use rotary chucks in our operation to accommodate 360 degree welds.

Laser Welding Examples

  • Repairs
  • Edges and corners
  • Small engraving areas
  • Mold parting lines & pinch areas
  • Surface cracks on parts
  • Worn sealing edges
  • Medical devices
  • High value items

Laser Welding Gallery